​​Number 1. Size is approximately 28 inches x 15 inches. Price $175. 

Two sizes shown. The smaller one is Number 2 flag. The large one is the top of my coffee table. It's approximately 56 inches by 30 inches.




​​​Number 3. Size is approximately 28 inches x 15 inches. Price $175.

Flag packaging. ​


Pledge Your Allegiance

Every flag I craft has to have a story. A story of something special, original and meaningful.

All flags are made from reclaimed tongue and groove oak hardwood flooring and wood lath. 

Each slat of wood has a past life used in a home built during a different time in American history.

The stories it could tell! 

Each flag is unique due to the grain of the wood, almost like a wooden fingerprint.

No two flags will ever be the same and each is individually numbered and signed.

If you're looking for something truly unique and one-of-a-kind

that will leave a lasting impression and embodies the American spirit, look no further!

To each person the flag means something a little different.

From sacrifice and loss, to opportunity and strength.

It represents a bond that unites us all as Americans. The sacrifices that some have made

to defend our heritage and our freedom is something most can't comprehend.

But through it all, the American flag has been the common denominator.

The flag of the United States was made to unite people, and that's exactly what it does.

Each flag is made by me from start to finish and takes many hours to complete. 

Each piece of wood is cut, sanded, torched, stained, sealed, and assembled.

Once completed, the ready to hang flag is bubble wrapped and boxed.

It makes the perfect gift!

Other sizes and custom orders are available. Please call for more information.

Coming soon ...   Thin Blue Line and Thin Red Line flags

Military Service flags


Number 2. Size is approximately 28 inches x 15 inches. Price $175.