Photos coming soon!

  • Beach badge holders (lanyard and keychain styles)
  • "Cawfee" mugs
  • Jersey Shore photos
  • Hand painted signs (towns, GPS coordinates, quotes, etc.)
  • Custom reclaimed wood flags with local police department, fire department, and/or  police officer/firefighter personalization
  • Sand bowls made from Jersey Shore sand
  • Shower curtains with vintage NJ postcard images
  • State cutouts and signs

Beach Badge Holders

In New Jersey you have to pay during the Summer months

to get on the beach.

You can buy a daily, weekly or Season pass and they aren't cheap!

Never misplace your badge again with a Beach Badge Holder! 

Three styles made of 550 paracord which is the most dependable, tough, and long lasting cord available. You can also combine a lanyard and keychain to serve double duty.

Keychain (Large) $10
    Size = 10 inches

Keychain (Small) $8

    Size = 7 inches

Lanyard $12

    Size = 17 inches

Lanyard and Small Keychain Combo $15

Various colors and combinations available.

Unique items with a NJ Vibe.

Own a piece of HOME.