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Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Openers

Key Holders


In New Jersey you have to pay during the Summer months to get on the beach. You can buy a daily, weekly or Season pass and they aren't cheap!

Three styles made of 550 paracord which is the most dependable, tough, and long lasting cord available.

Keychain $5

Lanyard $ 7


Combo lanyard and keychain $9


Various colors and combinations available.

Pallet Signs

Concrete Light Bulb Wall Hooks


Beach Badge Holders



  • Home
  • Beach
  • Vacation Spot
  • GPS
  • Zip Code
  • Distance From Home

  ​Last Name

  • Established Date
  • Wedding Date

​​  Child

  • Name
  • ​Birthday
  • ​"Look What I Made"


  • Inspirational
  • Beach
  • Nursery

Dog Leash Holders

Sand Bowls

Shower Curtains

Most often, my products can be personalized and if you have a saying or quote you would like put into a visual form such as a sign, contact me and I'll see if I can make it a reality!

To create my hand-painted wood sign designs, I start with recycled pallet or other found or discarded wood and sand it smooth leaving some of it's character intact. I make no attempts to cover up knots, grains or other things that natural real wood has. It may also have dings, chips, holes, cracks, etc. depending on the sign. I feel it adds to the character and uniqueness of the piece. My goal is not to have the wood look brand new. I want its' imperfections to tell a story of its' previous life. Each design is done by hand, without the use of stencils. I start out with a custom design on paper and then transfer the design onto the wood. Then I use my collection of paint brushes and paint on the design so no two signs will ever be exactly alike.  Each sign is finished with a clear matte polyurethane to protect the design and give it a smooth finish. The backs of the signs are left unpainted and contain hardware so the sign is ready to be hung. Unless otherwise noted, the signs are meant to be hung or displayed indoors.

Coat Racks